• About Me

    Martin Backhausen is a skilled musician, songwriter, and music producer who can play musical instruments both by ear and by sight. He, like many other music producers, began his professional career as a member of his church's youth praise team. His talent to play the guitar, piano, and drums soon distinguished him.


    With his ability on full show, Backhausen and a few close mates formed an 80's rock band that played popular song covers. Throughout the region, the band was regularly booked at prominent nightclubs and events. Martin Backhausen's cover band was even asked to open for top-selling musicians passing through the area. He eventually ventured into punk rock and pop music in the late 1990s. Martin first tried his mettle in the worlds of R&B and neo-soul after playing bass in a jazz ensemble. He honed his writing and music composing talents at this school.


    Martin Backhausen now uses his unique cross-genre skills to cross-breed sounds and write music for nearly every industry. He is the go-to music producer for punk rock, R&B, country music, neo-soul, and any other genre centered on vocals. He's worked with some of the most well-known musicians in this role, arranging compositions, managing recording sessions, and even suggesting and improving musical effects, instruments, and lyrics. Backhausen likes identifying and developing fresh talent when he isn't managing project finances, coordinating musical arrangements, or creating songs.